Friday, June 6, 2014

Global Climate Change / Global Warming: Real Estate's Next Big Boom & Crisis

And you thought Noah's Flood was bad - well, this one might rival it.

Global warming and climate change may be posing the next great ecological threat to mankind and the civilized world.  Yes, those beach houses that now line the beach might still end up in the water.

Rising water worldwide would mean that most of the world's population will have to migrate to higher ground.  But, this isn't the half of it.

Rising waters would mean several trillions of dollars in lost wealth - wealth lost to rising seas.  With homes and businesses literally drowning in rising waves of water, this may lead to a housing crisis never before witnessed in human history.  In fact, a housing real estate boom may be on the way within just another few short decades and those who are holding the assets could stand to become very wealthy indeed. Unfortunately, such a boom will come at the loss of others who live by the water's edge.

Many cities that are not prepared for rising sea levels may see much of it's buildings and infrastructure fall claim to the sea.  As more and more people become displaced, housing demands will also increase and possibly at a furious pace.  Building may not be able to keep up with rising demand and pricing on affordable housing will skyrocket.

This means that anyone who has any link to real estate will stand to benefit from the market surge.  Indeed the winners will be the ones who are riding the wave of warmer climate.

Michael Hathman


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