Monday, January 11, 2016

Donald Trump: Why It's All Trump, All the Time

Photo Credit: Breitbart

So, Donald Trump?

Yes.  It is the biggest name in real estate.  As a real estate mogul and extremely recognizable celebrity, Donald Trump is trumping everything in his path on the conservative side of politics.  Indeed, he is the favorite child that can do no wrong.  Why?  Trump knows a few things that many people are not very good masters of mastering.

Drama.  Trump knows drama very well and he knows how to direct those same effects in politics.  In the show entitled, "Celebrity Apprentice", the Donald had America on the seat of their chairs wondering what was going to happen next, and ultimately who would be fired.  In the same way (and in more or less of the same context) Trump makes waves.  Waves make for great ratings and - even if his statements are seemingly somewhat offensive, they do get the Donald plenty of attention.  And he knows it.  Make no mistake, Donald Trump is anything but politically correct and this lends him an edge at being the "shock jock" of politics.

Persona.  No one can really relate to politicians the way the average Joe can relate to Trump.  Donald speaks with flair, vivaciousness and has a penchant to make his speech and his speaking patterns as "relatable" to the American People as anyone can.  There is no monotone pattern to his voice.  He speaks with charisma and spark and he is able to capture the imagination of the voters he is courting. His ideas and view of life is all about winning, "Making America Great Again" and about getting his ideas across - even if they are offensive to some people.  No doubt, Trump believes in what he is promoting.  And, even if what Trump says or does isn't fully true, the statements he tends to make does hold some weight of truth to them - and almost all of them.  Speaking with conviction while calling things the way he sees them (much like an umpire) is indeed one of the greatest and most appealing characteristics about the Trump the persona.  He speaks with spirit, with conviction and he makes what he says appealing to the average American.  Indeed, Trump is the kind of person who you can sit down with at a bar and talk as if he was just another Joe.

Celebrity & Success.  There can be little doubt that one of the most appealing values about Donald Trump is that he has a lot of fans (both on the left and the right side of the aisle).  Americans - to paraphrase General George S. Patton - love a winner.  They hate a loser.  Americans find losing despicable.  Indeed, a billionaire who speaks as if he is a middle class guy and who has the immense respect of many people because he has been so very successful as both a talented real estate guru and celebrity is, without a doubt, an aphrodisiac to many voters.  The reason that Ronald Reagan won the White House bid in 1980 and 1984 was because he spoke with conviction and with emotion and in a way that many Americans can relate.  Many people are not impressed with Harvard graduates with a big vocabulary and who speak in monotone fashion.  People love passion and people love to listen to an orator who is passionate about his ideas and causes.  These are the things that win voters and it's the very kind of communication that landed Barack Obama in 2 presidential victories.

Immunity.  Ever see the show, "Survivor" and "Big Brother" where one of the prizes of the show is a thing called "immunity"?  The things that shield Donald Trump from getting hurt (at least too bad) from the things he says is the common idea that many Americans assume about the things he says: How can a guy with a billion dollars be wrong about much of anything?  That is a really good question.  Because of his extraordinary success and business acumen, Trump could very well say and do just about anything and it could be taken as Gospel message.  These 2 major attributes of success and celebrity has really given Trump a powerful edge against any attacks he may face.  And, with all other challengers unable to match his ability for communicating as well as he does (perhaps except for the likes of Chris Christie) there is little, to almost nothing, standing in the way of a Republican Trump nomination for president.

The Great Trump Crusade?  Trump is leading a great crusade of "change for America" and the question is what kind of crusade is it?

Great Southern & Islamic Invasion.  So much has been said on the issue of immigration.  There is no doubt that there is a problem with our southern border and the influx of illegal aliens.  But what is more troubling and sobering is the influx and reach of the Mexican cartels into American cities with regard to the drug trade.  The problem does need to be addressed.  But, mass deportation is not tenable.  But taking steps to curb the tide of illegals into the United States is important and Trump has taken this issue and turned it into a political opportunity to amass more support.
Limiting Islamic immigration may be nearly impossible as terrorists can and do lie about their intentions.  With such violent verses of the Qur'an being distributed and the still very fresh memory of the events of 9/11, the tide against Islamic immigration is stiffening and Trump is leading the charge on this issue.

Gun Control.  No one is interested in having their guns confiscated.  More and more controls limiting the Second Amendment is seen as an attempt to block access to gun ownership.  Trump is making every effort to capitalize on this fear.

Healthcare.  Trump has made every effort to declare that Obamacare will be repealed and replaced "with something better" and no one has any clue about what the "better" means.  But plenty of people understand that the costs of health insurance continue to climb and many voters have mistakenly blamed the legislation of Obamacare for the rise in healthcare instead of the gouging practices of big insurance, big pharma, big healthcare and big attorneys whose greed constantly forces the costs of healthcare to go still higher without any end in sight.  This is a huge Trump issue where more conservatives are rallying for changes in healthcare.

Terrorism, ISIS, More Military Action & Spending.  With terrorism starting to spiral out of control throughout the world, Trump has made his move to counter these forces with even more military action.  More military action means more destruction and greater spending.  While the world over hates ISIS and most Muslims despise the organization there is no doubt that hatred is a strong motivating force to destroy these murderers and perverts.  A Trump White House would make every effort to capitalize on this hatred and destroy this vile segment of terrorism.

What could a Trump White House mean for America?
That is a good question.  As much as I admire Trump as a businessman and a celebrity (possibly even more famous than Reagan at the time he made his 1980 bid for the White House) it could mean something very different than a liberal alternative like Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

More Division, More Fear.  Turning Americans against other Americans is a great strategy when it comes to "divide and conquer" the enemy.  No doubt such an election could mean a return to the likes of a 1940's Nazi rounding up of Hispanics, more harassment of people of darker skin colors (and who look Middle Eastern) and more division within America than ever in it's history based not only on national origin, race and religion.  More division will mean more discrimination and more infighting than ever.

More Dying & More Death.  We have seen how Obamacare has given millions of more Americans health coverage than ever before in our country's history.  Buh-bye to pre-existing conditions and hello supplemental coverage.  Take that all away in exchange for something "better" and more people will surely die in exchange for the health insurance companies keeping more profits in their coffers.  We've seen how, even if Republicans hold a majority in Congress how they can't even come together to quickly re-elect a new Speaker of the House upon John Boehner's departure.  It will be even more unlikely that Republicans will be able to repeal and replace Obamacare with "better" legislation - even as those same people claim to be Christian.  And in light of Jesus Christ's divine command, "Heal the sick..." (Matthew 10:8), it is unlikely that any new health legislation will be passed anytime soon in order to aid the sick and the dying.

More Military Spending, More Action.  In light of Dick Cheney's lying about Iraq and having WMD's, Americans are tired of seeing troops die in foreign lands for little or no return for themselves or their country.  No doubt, the world mostly hates terrorism and ISIS and there is a growing hostility with regard to these issues at home and abroad.  No doubt these issues need to be addressed and with Trump in the White House, they will be addressed.  This will mean a long protracted, expensive war with even more billions (maybe even trillions) of new spending and budgets spiraling out of control.  Worse still, more American troops will die in combat.

A Widening Wealth Gap.  A Trump presidency would not cater to the needs of the common people, the middle class.  Chances are, a Republican presidency will still cater to the needs of the super rich and of multinational corporations.  A democracy ran by lobbyists and political demagoguery is not a democracy or a republican form of a true government of the people, by the people and for the people.  And, I mean flesh and blood and bones people who are common and ordinary and who make America great.  

A Truly Great America.  It is the working class who make America great.  It always has been and always will be.  America is great now - because of the work ethic of Americans.  This is what makes America so strong.  Work.  Care.  Focus. Ingenuity.  Progress.  Freedom.  These values made America was great before Trump arrived on the scene.  Long after he is gone, these values will still be the core values that account for what it means to be "America the Great".

In Conclusion
Perhaps a Trump presidency may mean something far different than Trump rhetoric reveals.
Indeed, an America where fear reigns supreme and people are denied healthcare simply because the almighty dollar dictates matters of life and death is not something that can or will make America great "again" - much less EVER.  But, rather, such line of thinking can only produce more fear, more hate, more intolerance.  A Trump presidency may not be all that it's cracked up to be.  In fact, a Trump presidency may look more like a massive train wreck, moving in slow motion, from which no face may be able to turn away.